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2019 NH Lodges of Instruction

Please follow this link to the Grand Master's calendar for the current LOI dates:

A current Dues Card is required for admission to the Lodges of Instruction.

The Grand Master, Brother John F. Gordon, requests that this schedule be published in each Lodge's Trestleboard. He further requests that all Officers of the Lodges in each District make a special effort to attend the Lodge of Instruction in their District. Attention is directed to the Grand Constitution, Article IV, Section 9 on Page 5 which states that, "It shall be the duty of the Masters and Wardens of Lodges in any District, whenever the Grand Master shall call a Lodge of Instruction to be held in said District, to attend the same."

The Grand Master also requests that the Worshipful Master make an earnest effort to see that all Brothers who were Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason after September 1, 2013 are aware of the meeting, be told that it is a Communication that they are expected to attend, and that the program will be one of Masonic information and education that should be of interest to them.

ALL MASTER MASONS are welcome and are urged to attend.

2019 First District Inspections/Visitations/Audits

Please follow this link to the First District calendar for the current dates for Inspections, Visitations, and Audits:

The Format of the Visitations will be as follows:

Lodge Opens 6:15 PM Full form MM with the GMW, then go to refreshment.

Supper: 6:30 PM

After supper, labor resumes. The DDGM will have his acting Grand Marshal announce that the DDGM is waiting to pay the Lodge his Official Visitation and will call for those that he requests to be on his suite. The Suite will be received as required.

DDGM will then call on the DDGL for his Lodge appropriate program, about 5 to 10 minutes.

DDGM will call on the DEO for his program also Lodge appropriate also about 5 to 10 minutes, after these programs are presented.

DDGM will make his remarks on his findings of his inspection of the books of the Lodge, the ritual, then the DDGM will close with the Greetings of the GM, and he will have the Master close in full due and Ancient form.

Visitations may be on a Stated Meeting.

The DDGM will return the Lodge back to the Master and the Master should dismiss any visitors that would like to retire. The Master must close in full form.)


All requests to the Grand Master should be copied to the DDGM and the Secretary to the Grand Master and the Grand Secretary (for all requests for Dispensations or Waivers and when a Lodge requests his presence to attend at any special events).

Remember Always Give Him AT LEAST 3 DATES to consider, and in NO case on a Sunday before 2 PM.

The items that are needed for the Audits:
1. Copy of the Bylaws of your Lodge and Association.
2. Copy of the Articles of any paper work, that you have filed with the State of NH or the Federal Government as it pertains to your Lodge or Associations. ie: 990’s
3. Copy of insurance policy on Lodge properties, if not covered by the Assoc.
4. Copy of insurance coverage of properties of Lodge properties if covered by the Association.
5. List of officers with current address, phone numbers and E-mail address.
6. A plan of the work that is planned for the balance of the year.
7. The year that your next major Anniversary is, and if you have a committee in place for that celebration.
8. A list of your Lodge Committees
9. Your plan for when you are going to have your Veterans, Special Ladies and/or other programs.
10. Your plans for presenting degree work for the balance of the year and if you plan on any special degree teams.
11. Be ready to talk on the plan for next year’s Officer Line up and any special concerns you may have.

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